Nea Makri


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Our Town

Nea Makri is the main town of the Municipality of Marathon.  It's a medium sized town situated on the eastern Attica coast a few kilometres north of the port of Rafina.  Attica is the region (prefecture) of mainland Greece that includes the city of Athens.  A few kilometres to the north is the small town of Marathon, famous for its ancient battle and the associated long distance road race. 


The centre of Athens is around 32 kilometres (20 miles) away.  The journey to the heart of the city by public transport takes about one and a quarter hours.  Using a taxi instead of the bus to get to the metro station, costing little extra for 4 people, cuts this to around 50 minutes. 

Athens International Airport is half an hour’s drive away.

The port of Rafina, around 10 km (6 miles) away, has frequent sailings to the Aegean islands of Andros, Tinos and Mykonos.  Through the summer there are a few sailings to other islands.

Fifteen minutes away by car is the spectacular long sandy beach backed by pine forest at Schinias.  In winter months the wetlands of Schinias National Park, behind the pine forest, have a very impressive range of bird life. 

Also within half an hour’s drive are the impressive ancient site of Ramnous, the archaeological and road race museums of Marathon, Marathon Lake with its marble dam, the famous Monastery (convent) of St Ephraim, and Attica Zoo.  Across the bay from Nea Makri is the very large island of Evia, joined to the mainland by a bridge around 80 km (50 miles) to the north.  There is a local ferry crossing to Evia from the village of Agia Marina, a few kilometres behind Schinias.

There are excellent road links, avoiding Athens centre, to many famous archaeological sites including Delphi. Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, and Epidavros.

Please see the Local Attractions page for further details.

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Nea Makri has big advantages over the coastal suburbs on the south western coast of Athens.  Firstly, it is a long way away from industry of any kind so the sea is very clean.  Secondly, the busy main road runs around 400 metres (quarter of a mile) back from the coast, giving the harbour and beach area very much of an island feel. 

The central harbour is around ten to fifteen minutes walk from Villa Verde, as is the main town square in the busy commercial district.  All the main Greek banks have branches here and good rates of currency exchange are readily available (though it seems that large commissions are now charged for cashing travellers' cheques in currencies other than the Euro).  Foreign newspapers and magazines can be found in the town.


There are small beaches as little as 150 metres from our home and there are more extensive and sandier beaches in the area of the harbour.  A few hundred metres north of the town is the European Union classified “Blue Flag” Brexiza beach with proven cleanliness and with lifeguard and other facilities.  This beach, backed by trees, is around half an hour’s walk from Villa Verde and there is very limited vehicle access. 

A little way north of Brexiza beach is the Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods archaeological site.

The Meltemi wind can whip up the waves in Nea Makri during the summer, especially between mid July and the end of August.  However, calmer seas can nearly always be found at Schinias.

There are many bars and restaurants in and around town.  Along the coast most of the restaurants cook high quality fresh fish and meat to order, though it is possible to find more traditional Greek meals in the town.  On the outskirts of town is a Vietnamese restaurant.  Half way to Marathon there is an Indian restaurant.

There are a few music bars but they don’t normally try to compete with each other so a stroll along the coast is rarely spoiled by intrusive noise.  Younger holidaymakers wanting to visit coastal Athens and looking for a busy night life should check out Glyfada on the south western Athens coast.

Near the centre of town is an open air cinema.

Every Thursday morning there is a street market near the town centre selling fruit, vegetables, clothes, shoes, and household and other goods.

Whilst a number of foreign tourists do visit Nea Makri, the vast majority of people are either locals or visitors from Athens, many of whom own or rent weekend and holiday homes here.

Nea Makri, then, is a place for a relaxing seaside holiday or short break, with good access to the centre of Athens, to Rafina port, to Athens International Airport, and to many other places of interest.




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